Monday, January 31, 2011

Best thing I've ever eaten on a cruise ship

One of the many, many reasons I love to cruise is for the food. Each cruise line is different and that goes the same for the cuisine.
I've sailed more than a dozen times in the last few years and one meal stands out in my book.. The Chef's Table onboard the Crown Princess. This is one of the main reasons I sail mainly with Princess Cruise Line. However, Carnival Cruise Line is now offering this as well. For $75 per person you are treated to a night of culinary delight. Before you balk at the price, let me say, it's worth every dime. For the money you get a private tour by the Head Chef and Matre D' of the galley. For about 30 minutes you get to see where the food is made and prepared.
The Head Chef also has hand cooked special appetizers that are not available to anyone else on the cruise. Some of the appetizers include caviar, crab in a martini glass, and salmon tar tar. And that's to name a few. Plus you are sipping on a french champagne while enjoying the food and company in the galley. After your galley taste-fest, you are escorted to the dining room where a special area has been roped off for your small group. (Only 12 people can make up the Chef's Table) This is where the real fun begins. Course, after course is placed before you. We started out with Beef Carpaccio. It was 12 layers of beef, spinach, cheese and bread.
Next we dined on Lobster Risotto. To this day I have yet to taste risotto that has come close--even in Italy!! I still dream about that lobster risotto. We are then offered sherbet to cleanse the palate.
What makes this more fun is that the Chef poured Grey Goose vodka on top of the bloody mary sherbet. After our stomachs are given a very short break the Chef brought out a trio of beef on a spike and the fireworks began.
He lit the meat at our table side. This caught everyones attention throughout the dining room! We were offered veal, pork and beef, along with several sauces to choose from.
Then the waiters brought out the lobster and vegetables.

A cheese course came next followed by dessert. This dessert is a work of art.

The amazing treat was sitting on top of a sugar blown bowl that was also edible. And finally, we were given a chocolate plate. My best advise is first, book the Chef's Table the moment you get onboard a Princess ship, then make sure you eat a very light lunch! Your stomach will thank you in the end.

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