Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Weary of online booking?

This week, USA Today published an article titled "Weary of online booking, clients return to travel agents." The article reported that only 46% of travelers who use the web to book travel enjoy the experience. Why is this the case? Because there is simply too much data out there and we're drowning in information.
There are millions of websites offering information but no one to talk to for help. Travel consultant Suzanne Burr gave a great quote in the USA Today article, "When it comes to really spending money and wanting an advocate, people are turning back to agents because people care. A computer doesn't."
Everyday more people are turning to travel consultants for their expertise and guidance.

The promise of the internet was that everyone could be their own travel agent. But the downside of this reality is that you're left on your own and planning a vacation becomes a stressful hassle. And should any problems arise, you have no one to help fight for you and help you recover any of your lost expenses.

There's an alternative to using Google as your travel adviser. You can turn to an experienced travel consultant who has planned hundreds of trips, booked thousands of hotel rooms and visited the exotic destinations you want to explore. So next time you are planning a vacation, turned to an experienced travel consultant. Whether it's Beck Tours & Travel, or any other agency, we are all here to make your vacation planning a stress free experience.